KILLED: Jason Booysen, 13, Brandon Wagenaar, 16 and Mikhile Siglee, 16
The weekend came to a bloody end as three teenage boys were gunned down in separate shootings on Sunday.

It’s believed all the victims were innocent and were not affiliated to any gangs.

On Sunday afternoon around 12.30pm, 13-year-old Jason Booysen was shot dead outside his Wesbank home.

At 8.20pm Mikhile Siglee, 16, was shot dead in Inkblom Street, Kalksteenfontein.

And in Leonsdale, Elsies River, 16-year-old Brandon “Slang” Wagenaar was shot dead in 16th Avenue.

Two women, aged 19 and 21, were wounded in the same attack.

Jason’s father Jerome Booysen, 45, from Belhar was on his way to take his son out for the day, but instead he arrived in Wesbank to identify his body.

Jason was on his way home from the tuck shop when he was hit by a stray bullet in Drummond Street.

“Just as I was on my way, I received a call to say my son was shot,” he says.

"When I arrived, his body was already covered and the police just arrived. He was hit in his head, his brains were out.”

Jason’s mother Rene Booysen, 43, says she was away for the weekend.

“No one could get hold of me because my phone was dead so they came to fetch me in Eerste River,” she says.

“He was at his friend’s home, then he went to the shop to get a sucker and on his way home he was hit. When I came home, his body was still here in the road.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s family said he has been on the run from gangsters since he was nine years old.

His 17-year-old friend, who did not want to be identified, says Brandon had been attacked just two days before.

“On Friday they also chased after him but he managed to get away,” the meisie says.

“Last night [Sunday] a group of us were drinking on the corner and before Slang and the other guys went to smoke a pipe, he went to pee in the bush.

“As I looked his way a few minutes later, I saw him running towards us and he was taking off the backpack he had on.

“He passed me and I stood frozen. They kept shooting at him and hit [two other women]. He collapsed in 16th Avenue where he died.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel André Traut confirmed the incidents and says no arrests have been made.

“Cases of murder and attempted murder are under investigation,” he says. He says police arrived to find Mikhile dead in the street with a gunshot wound to the body.