GLADDEBEK: Wellington Murder accused, Johan Williams, 47, is said to have promised women work. Photo: Supplied
Crime fighters believe they have unravelled the modus operandi of an alleged serial killer who could have murdered up to 15 women in a six-year reign of terror.

In the week after Kuils River mom, Chantell Matthysen, 21, was found murdered, rumours started surfacing that murder accused, Johan Williams, 47, could have been kidnapping and killing women for a number of years.

GONE: Chantell Matthysen. Photo: Supplied

Police have asked missing person’s organisations to check for missing women as far back as 2012.

It is alleged that Williams befriended single mothers and then lured them to the Boland town with work. He also allegedly used two aliases.

Chantell’s mother Carol says her daughter first met Williams in 2016, when he assisted her and her three-year-old son.

“Chantell had gone to Worcester with her son. She got lost and ended up on a Wellington train,” explains Carol.

“Williams was a security officer at the train station.”

She says Williams fed them and gave them a place to sleep and put them on a taxi the next day.

“In return we invited him to our home to thank him and this is where he became a family friend.”

On Saturday, 23 June, Williams offered Chantell a job as a packer on a farm, and Carol says he insisted the young woman should come to Wellington immediately as the job was night shift.

He told Carol that his wife had to rush to Citrusdal because her mother had had a heart attack.

When Chantell failed to communicate with her family for two days, Carol and her husband went to Williams’ house on 26 June and called police, who found Chantell’s belongings in his Wendy house.

Williams ran off but was nabbed on a neighbouring farm five days later, on Sunday, 1 July.

He then told cops where he dumped Chantell’s body on the Aubon Rue Farm.

While he was on the run, a group of female community activists made contact with him via WhatsApp, pretending to be young mothers looking for work.

The women, whoare closely involved with the case, asked not to be named.

They say Williams spoke to several of them, using three different names - Johan, Emile and Brandon.

He allegedly told them he works for a transportation company and is looking for packers on a farm in Ongegund, Wellington.

One woman said he introduced himself to her as Emile.

“This man is smooth. He draws you in with promise of a small starting wage and says the money gets more as you put in the effort and time,” she explains.

“He specifically asks personal details and uses things like you maybe living with your mother or taking care of kids alone as a way to make you feel bad.

“He then says you must trust him and he will arrange a spot to meet with you.”

Another woman says they arranged to meet in Kuils River, on 28 June, but he cancelled at the last minute.

“I almost believed him, daai’s hoe glad hy is,” she says shaking her head.

He then stopped responding to their calls and texts and blocked them on Friday, 29 June.

According to a source close to the investigation, Williams told cops the location of at least two more bodies he has buried on the outskirts of Wellington.

One is that of Maria Isaacs, 33, from Malmesbury, who had gone to Wellington on 16 June for work.

BODY FOUND: Maria Isaacs. Photo: Supplied

The other is possibly mom of three, Natalie Jonkers, 35, who disappeared six years ago.

Williams has been charged with Chantell’s murder and an unrelated rape case, and will appear in the Wellington Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

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