CONFESSING: Johan Williams of Wellington. Photo: Supplied
CONFESSING: Johan Williams of Wellington. Photo: Supplied
LURED TO WELLINGTON: Chantell Matthysen. Photo: Supplied
LURED TO WELLINGTON: Chantell Matthysen. Photo: Supplied
BODY DUG UP: Maria Isaacs of Malmesbury. Photo: Supplied
BODY DUG UP: Maria Isaacs of Malmesbury. Photo: Supplied
Wellington police are now looking into cases of missing women as far back as 2012 after an alleged serial killer was caught.

There are now fears that murder accused Johan Williams, 47, from Wellington, could have killed as many as 15 women in a reign of terror that came to an end after the mom of one of his alleged victims called police to his house.

According to a source close to the investigation, Williams has been “confessing left, right and centre”, and has been revealing the location of at least two more bodies he has buried on the outskirts of Wellington.

The body discovered on Wednesday has been identified as that of Maria Isaacs, 33, from Malmesbury, who had gone to Wellington on 16 June for work.

The skeletal remains of a third woman was dug up on the R45, Malmesbury Main Road, just outside Wellington.

The source says a family has come forward, claiming it may be the remains of mom of three, Natalie Jonkers, 35, who disappeared six years ago.

Williams was arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Kuils River mom, Chantell Matthysen, and an unrelated rape charge.

It is not clear whether Chantell has been raped.

The source says it was easy for Williams to point out the graves of Chantell and two other victims, as each grave was “carefully marked”.

It has also come to light that he allegedly had a particular modus operandi where he preys on single mothers by offering them work.

“He was able to tell police where to find the two bodies dug up on Wednesday and Thursday, without having to go there himself,” the source says.

“Wherever he buried them, he left a marker. It’s a tree, a branch or a particular bush, or a field.”

The source says it’s also not true that Williams handed himself over to cops after running away nine days previously.

“He was arrested in Ongegund last Sunday, where he was visiting with a friend. This man is taking our women, promising them work and a better life, then murdering them without a care. He needs to be stopped.”

Meanwhile, Chantell was laid to rest on Saturday during an emotional service held at the Kalkfontein Primary School Hall.

At a memorial service on Thursday, it was also revealed how the young mother, who has a three-year-old son, met Williams.

Two years ago, Chantell was on the wrong train, and Williams set her on the right track.

Her mother, Carol, later invited him to their house in Kuils River to say thank you.

Carol said he even enjoyed Christmas lunch with them in 2016.

Last month, Williams told Chantell he had organised a job for her as a packer on a wine farm.

On Saturday, 23 June, Chantell took a train to Wellington where she met Williams.

After Chantell failed to correspond with them for two days, a worried Carol went to Wellington.

There she learnt to her shock that Williams’ wife had left him and that he lived in a Wendy house on a farm.

Police found Chantell’s belongings in the Wendy house.

Carol tells the Daily Voice that Williams had negotiated with police to reveal where he buried Chantell, in exchange for a visit with his daughter.

“He wanted to see his daughter first, and only afterwards did he tell us where to find Chantell,” Carol says.

Chantell’s body was found lying under branches on Aubon Rue Farm.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana would only confirm that Williams was charged with the murder of Chantell and will appear in court again on 13 July.

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