SKOK: Train seperated at Kraaifontein. Photo: Solly Lottering
Commuters were left stranded at Brackenfell station when a train driver started his engine, gave a jolly toot and left - but left behind the carriages at the station.

Just after 5pm, the train stopped at Brackenfell station on its way to Kraaifontein.

Kraaifontein resident Jason Smith says they were still chugging along happily and then the train just came to a halt.

“We put our heads out the window and saw there was another train on the tracks and then the engine started moving, but without us,” he says.

He says gatvol people thought Metrorail was vandalised again and everyone jumped off the train and started walking.

SKOK: Train seperated at Kraaifontein. Video: Solly Lottering

They were shocked when they neared the front and saw the carriages had uncoupled.

“People from all over were still arguing, because we paid to be dropped at our stations, but there was nobody to answer us. Even the train driver was surprised to see the train broken,” Smith said.

It appears cables connecting the carriages broke, but it’s not clear if the cables were cut.

Metrorail did not respond to queries on Sunday.