PAY: Manager Desmond Claassen and petrol attendant Rowan Isaacs at BP. Photo: Monique Duval
An optimistic petrol attendant beat his boss in a bet when he proved that Steenberg police could crack a fake money case.

After being handed a false R100 note by a customer over the weekend, Rowan Isaacs, 35, was determined to get the driver to pay back the money.

Rowan works as a petrol attendant at the BP garage on Prince George Drive and says shortly after 6pm on Saturday a man came to put in R120 of petrol.

“He was in the car with his wife and children and still pumped his tyres. He gave me one R100 note and two R10 notes and I gave it in at the cashier,” says Rowan.

Manager Desmond Claassen says the cashier noticed the R100 was fake and called Rowan back.

“I got a skrik because that man looked decent and I did not think he would give me fake money. I told my manager I am going to report it to the police,” says Rowan.

But Desmond did not believe cops would take the case seriously.

“I laughed and I told him the police have better things to do. I told him if they investigated I would give him a R100,” says the manager.

A determined Rowan reported the matter at Steenberg SAPS the next day, and was surprised when a captain and two detectives showed up later that day at the garage to view camera footage.

They traced the driver and by the Sunday afternoon the man came back to say he had withdrawn the money at a supermarket and had no idea it was fake, and paid with a new R100.

Desmond says he could not believe it and while he was happy police acted so quickly, he lost the bet and gave Rowan R100.

He says they withdrew the charge as the customer had done the “honourable thing”.

A happy Rowan says if the man hadn’t come back, the R100 would have been docked from his pay.

“People like to rob us by giving us fake money and they don’t realise that the money comes from our wages.

“I have a wife and children to look after so we can’t afford it when stuff like this happens. But now I have an extra R100.”

Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Gavin Walbragt, says they were surprised to get an email from Desmond thanking the police.

“This shows that no crime is too small and the officers deserve recognition for their good work.”

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