ARREST: One of two suspects cuffed after falling through roof. Photo: TRACEY ADAMS/ ANA Pictures
A skelm who broke into a Pep Cell store fell through the ceiling and into the waiting arms of police who arrested him.

The thief, weighed down by the loot he had stolen at the cellphone store, fell through the ceiling at Shoprite Centre in Philippi on Monday.

Pep have since confirmed the robber, together with an accomplice, broke open the lock of the roller shutters at and smashed open the cellphone display cabinets using a brick.

The clever skelms thought they could make their getaway through the roof, but the ceiling board was not strong enough to hold them and one of the unlucky diewe came crashing down.

Security staff at the mall had earlier called the police.

Cops were on the scene when the skelm fell into their lap and slapped handcuffs on him while his accomplice got away.

The store is currently closed while damages are being assessed.

CLOSED: Pel Cell, Phillippi Photo:TRACEY ADAMS/ ANA Pictures

Mariki Schwiebus of Pep Communications confirms the arrest but did not reveal whether any cellphones were taken.

“Burglars broke open the lock for the roller shutters. They then broke open the front door and smashed the displays,” she says.

“The also tried to climb over the barriers to get to the back of the store. The ceiling was also damaged as they tried to climb over.

“They got interrupted and left the store. The police arrived and one person was arrested. We are still assessing the damages.”

Security personnel reveal the skelm had been hiding in the roof for an hour and a half.

“The officers called for back-up from our reaction units when they saw the suspect enter the premises,” says the security officer.

“They locked down the area. The suspect after an hour and half fell through the ceiling where he had been hiding.

“The roof could no longer carry his weight. When he hit the ground, he was cuffed.”

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