PAIN: Jacqueline Hendricks, 68. Photo: Monique Duval
A Hanover Park ouma was hospitalised on Thursday after she was hit by a bullet during a gang shooting.

Jacqueline Hendricks, 68, was walking home from the day hospital when skollies opened fire in Johndown Walk, hitting the woman in her right leg.

Residents say in recent weeks the Mongrels gang have turned their guns on each other as a result of infighting.

Jacqueline’s friend, Theresa Jantjies, 44, says the ouma was walking to her house when the shooting happened.

“She always comes to me for coffee after she goes to hospital and now she was shot. She went to fetch tablets because she mos has a problem with her leg, but I am not sure if it is the same leg that they shot her in,” Theresa says.

The granny waited nearly two hours for an ambulance while her dog, Biscuit, refused to leave her side as she lay on cardboard boxes in the street.

Ek kom nooit weer Plenty toe tot hulle daai * *** vang wat my geskiet het nie,” she said while smoking a cigarette and drinking tea.

Paramedics arrived shortly before 2pm and the community watched in horror as the ouma screamed in pain as she was lifted up and put into the ambulance.

A cop comforted Biscuit and handed him over to neighbours.

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