SEARCH: Witness Enver Wence last seen at dam in Brackenfell. Photo: Solly Lottering
A family from Scottsville is traumatised after their son disappeared without a trace, the day he was to take the stand as a key witness in a murder case.

A family member tells the Daily Voice 24-year-old Enver Wence had left home on the morning of 18 July for Brackenfell Station, where he would get a train to Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court.

Wence had been a witness to a shooting in Petunia Street a few months ago in which a man was killed.

The family now fears the worst after rumours surfaced that Wence was last seen chased by a gang of men on the day of his disappearance.

“We decided not to have him get a train at Eikenfontein Station, and rather to Brackenfell Station, because we were afraid something would happen to him.

“From what we hear, seven men chased him towards a dam close to the station and wanted to stab him.

“We went to search for him, but the dam is overflowing and is overgrown with reeds,” said a concerned relative, who asked not to be named.

Scottsville community activist Solly Gordan says he and 20 volunteers helped search for Wence, but because skollies permanently hang out there it was deemed unsafe to do a thorough search.

“There are now gangster hokkies put up next to the railway lines as well. Somebody out here knows what happened to Enver,” Gordan says.

Provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirms: “The man who has been reported missing is being sought by Kraaifontein police. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are being investigated.”