INTENT: Anti-crime vigilantes ‘getting rid of the area’s skurke’. Photo: Supplied
A man was killed and his body nearly necklaced with a tractor tyre in Blikkiesdorp by anti-crime vigilantes intent on taking back their streets.

Attackers were stopped from setting alight the huge tyre after residents called police.

Two weeks ago, an alleged skollie was killed by vigilantes who had been going around “cleaning up” the area of criminals.

This prompted a visit from Mayco Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith.

WANTED BACK: JP Smith innie Blikkiesdorp. Photo: Supplied

Smith deployed Law Enforcement officers to patrol the area for a few days but residents say since the cops left, violence flared up again and have called on Smith to find a permanent solution.

Residents Tuesday claimed they are now being extorted by vigilantes, who are demanding a R50 monthly protection fee.

Two weeks ago, a vigilante told the Daily Voice they were gatvol of crime and skollies, who brazenly invade homes, rob and kill people.

Residents said the trouble started when a woman was allegedly raped in front of her child, which led to vigilantes declaring war on The Gifted gang, whose members have been terrorising them for years.

The vigilantes petrol-bombed the homes of several alleged skollies, while some gangsters were caught, stabbed and had had their fingers burnt or cut off.

Many of the hokkies were left vacant after skollies had apparently fled.

On Saturday, police were called to P Block where a man was stoned to death and a huge tyre placed on him.

VOLATILE: Mense were tol toe pay protection fee. Photo: SAM CLARK/ INLSA

A witness says vigilantes were about to set the tyre on fire when police arrived.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirms a case of murder has been opened and there have been no arrests.

A community member, who knew the man and asked not to be identified, claims he was innocent: “He was the one who used to get people’s stolen goods back from the gangsters. But the vigilantes didn’t want to believe that.

“They said he must be with the gangsters, but that isn’t true.”

She also claims the vigilantes have demanded protection money.

“There was a meeting on Sunday by this group, they said we need to pay R50 a month for protection and that this money will be used for bail if one of them is arrested.”

Another resident says they want Smith back: “When he was here, none of the violence happened.

“When he left, someone was shot in front of Law Enforcement and people are still being robbed and their belongings taken from inside their homes.”

Smith said Tues his department could only do so much and that fighting crime was the job of the police.

“The SAPS is the lead agency in terms of public order policing, while the City plays a supportive role,” he said.

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