GEVANG: Six Bobs gang raiding the hijacked car. Photo: Screengrab
A video of skollies hijacking then stripping a car has gone viral on social media.

It is believed members of the Six Bobs gang in Lotus River are behind the incident, which was caught on CCTV cameras on 2 September near a petrol station in Fifth Avenue.

The car was also set alight.

ALIGHT: 5th Ave, Lotus River. Photo: Screengrab

Angry residents say the perpetrators, who are known in the area, have not been arrested and are still lurking around the garage “waiting for their next victim”.

In the one minute and 40-second long video, five men run up to the 1997 Hyundai Elantra and start pulling items out the car.

GEVANG: Six Bobs gang raiding the hijacked car. Video: Supplied

Two men in the car jump out and run away as even more skollies arrive and start opening the car doors and the bonnet.

One man smashes the rear windscreen with a brick.

The hijackers remove the battery, and whatever they could pull off the car.

One even tries to break off the door on the driver’s side, but fails.

The group leaves, but one man stays inside the vehicle fiddling about.

Then a spark can be seen and he flees as the car starts catching fire and burns.

A concerned resident slammed police for failing to nab the skelms.

“People are questioning why these guys are not arrested. These gangsters are affecting the businesses in the area and robbing customers.”

Grassy Park Community Policing Forum spokesman Philip Bam says he understands residents’ fear of reporting crimes.

“The problem is eyewitnesses need to give statements, but making a statement could be life threatening,” he says.

“The underlying issue is that police are not fulfilling their mandate. As CPF we want police to also intensify their stop and search operations.”

Police did not respond to queries.

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