PICKET: Leonsdale laaities demonstrate on Francie van Zijl. Photo: Moniqe Duval
Angry laaities from Leonsdale took to the streets on Thursday to warn motorists about skollies who are targeting them along Francie van Zijl Drive.

The group of about 50 children gathered at the intersection of Francie van Zijl Drive and Norwood Road to warn motorists about a new crime trend where local skollies throw bricks at cars to smash windows.

GATVOL: Angry laaities from Leonsdale took to the streets. Video: Monique Duval

Mom Chrystaline Moses, along with her husband, Ryan, rallied the children after a truck driver and his passenger were attacked on Wednesday.

Chrystaline says skollies walk between the cars and as soon as they spot a cellphone they attack the driver.

“It’s terrible, we live right here and see how the people scream or try to run after them. People passing Leonsdale have no idea what is going on,” she says.

“On Wednesday a truck was passing and they attacked him and the brick hit the passenger in the face. We begged them to go to the police.”

Residents say the skollies are boys as young as 12 who beg before they pounce.

Fatimah Omar of the Elsies River Community Police Forum (CPF) says the problem has spiralled out of control in recent weeks, but victims are failing to report the matter to police.

Captain FC van Wyk says cops are unaware of the attack.

“Norwood Road and Francie van Zijl Drive were identified as one of the hotspot areas for smash and grab incidents. Extra patrols are conducted in peak traffic times and awareness campaigns were started.”

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