DREAM COME TRUE: Chedino Rodriques and Keegan Martin. Photo: Supplied
A transgender woman who started her journey to becoming a female over 15 years ago has tied the knot with her boyfriend.

Chedino Rodriques, 41, officially became a woman after undergoing reconstructive surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital in August 2017.

She was born a male but says she never felt comfortable in her skin and always wanted to be a girl.

“I always knew I was supposed to be female, I had female features and always felt feminine,” she tells Daily Voice.

“I was destined to be female and my dream was to one day marry my husband as a female and, look, my fairytale wedding came true.”

Chedino says she can finally be herself and that it was “hell” being trapped in a man’s body.

“I never used my penis for anything besides urinating,” she says.

“I would tuck it away, even at night when I go to sleep. I despised having a penis because I felt it was just in the way. I have never peed standing up, I always sat down.”

On 17 August last year, Chedino underwent three operations including a boob job, orchiectomy (the removal of both testicles), and vaginoplasty, the tightening of the vagina.

Now a “complete female”, Chedino got married on Saturday in a formal ceremony, followed by a lavish reception at Muizenberg Civic Centre.

The hall was decked in a lemon and lime colour scheme, with an entourage of six bridesmaids and six strooijonkers and a mini-bride walking ahead of the blushing bride on the red carpet.

Chedino arrived in a white limo and looked stunning in a long white gown, a veil, diamante crown and necklace, while her groom Keegan Martin wore a black and white tuxedo.

Chedino’s journey is being documented by an international media company, and they were also present at the wedding.

“It felt so surreal having both of families there, the support we had was amazing,” says Chedino.

“The best part was getting married to Keegan as a full female, the gender reassignment surgery was done in good time. I was fully healed.”

She says her first night as Mrs Martin was “wonderful” - it was the first time she would be intimate with her partner since her surgery.

“Hubby was already in bed waiting for me and I just found ways to prolong the inevitable by looking for things to do before finally having to go into our bedroom and close the door,” she says.

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