MURDERED: Stacey Adams, 6. Photo: Supplied
The man accused of killing six-year-old Stacey Adams has allegedly confessed in chilling detail to how he raped and murdered the child.

A source close to the investigation exclusively revealed to the Daily Voice details of Christopher Brown’s confession.

SNAPPED: Suspect Christopher Brown. Photo: Supplied

The 25-year-old rape and murder suspect allegedly admitted to police that he:

* sent his little brother to buy drugs to get him out of the house

* he beat the Mitchells Plain girl with a frying pan before choking her to death

* hid her under his bed

* tried to sodomise the child’s dead body but failed

* buried her half-naked because his brother had returned and there was no time to dress her.

Brown allegedly said he had “snapped” because he was angry at Stacey’s mother, his girlfriend, Sasha Lee Adams, 25.

HARTSEER: Sasha Lee, 25. Photo: Venecia Valentine

It is believed Brown made the confession on Monday, 26 June, hours after his arrest on Sunday, when Stacey’s body was found buried in a shallow grave next to his Wendy house in De La Rey Road, Eastridge.

Stacey lived with her ouma in a Wendy house across the road, while her mother lived with Brown.

According to the source, Brown allegedly admitted to killing the little girl because he wanted to get back at her mother who “disappeared” for the weekend.

He was arrested following a riot at his house, when community members threatened to kill him and petrol-bombed the main house, where his aunt lives.

Brown’s bail application is expected to begin on 24 July at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court.

The source says Brown claimed he was at his home with Sasha Lee and Stacey on Friday, 22 June, when Sasha Lee sent him to the shop to buy a packet of chips.

When he returned, he learned Sasha Lee had left for Delft without telling him, and this made him angry.

Stacey went back to her ouma, but returned the next morning to look for her mother.

Brown allegedly said the problem started when Stacey asked him where her mother was and he snapped.

In his rage, he allegedly choked the child, shook her viciously before throwing her onto the floor of the Wendy house.

“He then took a pan and hit her over the head with it twice,” the source said.

Realising she was dead, Brown then allegedly placed her body into two blue garbage bags, before hiding her body under his bed.

“He said he used his own clothes to wipe up her blood and then he burnt it in a fire outside.”

He later allegedly sent his brother to buy drugs to get him out of the house so he could bury Stacey.

He allegedly became aroused when he tried to put the body into the hole, in the process pulling off her tights and panty.

He allegedly tried to sodomise her but failed, the source says.

He allegedly told cops that when his brother returned with mandrax and tik, they smoked it and went to sleep.

The Sunday when Stacey’s grandmother and Sasha began looking for her, he acted like everything was fine, until the police arrived.

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