SEARCH: Meisie and girl tricked at N1 City Mall. Photo: Supplied
SEARCH: Meisie and girl tricked at N1 City Mall. Photo: Supplied
URGED: Noloyiso Rwexana
URGED: Noloyiso Rwexana
Police are searching for a suspect who allegedly attempted to kidnap an eight-year-old child earlier this month.

Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said the “coloured male dressed in blue denim jeans, royal blue and black jacket and black sneakers” approached the girl, who was with her grandmother, on Saturday, 1 September.

The suspect invited the child to participate in an activity at N1 City Mall in Goodwood.

“The grandmother agreed and they walked together. They approached a garage and the suspect gave the grandmother money to buy food and drinks.

“She went into the shop, leaving the child with the suspect. With her return from the shop, they were gone,” Rwexana said.

After walking along the railway line from Goodwood to Century City, the child managed to escape, and raised the alarm.

Rwexana said police are studying video footage from surveillance cameras, but the suspect’s identity remains unknown.

Since August, there have been several cases of abductions and attempted kidnappings in Cape Town.

In most cases, girls were targeted while walking to or from school.

Rwexana urged parents and caregivers to speak to their children about personal safety.

She said kids should always walk in a group or be accompanied by an adult, and should never get into strangers’ cars.

“(Children should) report any unusual or suspect vehicles or adults loitering around homes or schools to an adult.”