LESS FORTUNATE: Amelia Mpama, of Delft, is sickly but is forced to look after her great-grandchildren PICS BY JACK LESTRADE

A frail Delft ouma is desperate for help as she struggles to raise her five little great-grandchildren on her own.

Amelia Mpama, 85, has been living in her shack in Hardekool Street for 17 years.

Her children and grandchildren are nowhere to be seen and she struggles to look after herself, let alone the five primary school children, aged between seven and 13 years.

“I have been living here since 2000. I suffer from arthritis and blood pressure problems. No one even comes to take me to the clinic anymore. I am just here; it is hard. I live in this shack with just me and my five great-grandchildren and there is no space,” Amelia says softly.

The family lives in a one-bedroom shack without a door, a broken mattress, and the floor is broken, leaving most of the floor covered in sand.

They don’t have running water and their two-plate stove is broken.

A resident in the area, Nombuyiselo Mvenya, says she came over to clean Amelia’s home before the Daily Voice visited because it was filthy.

WENT TO CLEAN: Nombuyiselo

“I know the family through my Grade 1 grandson who befriended one of the children. My grandson told me to come and try to help the family and I was shocked no, angered when I saw the circumstances,” says Nombuyiselo.

“Her daughter is in possession of her [Amelia’s] pension card and one of the children’s Sassa cards.

POOR: Amelia's Wendy she shares with laaities

“This woman is living like this alone with these children; it’s not right. Her children and grandchildren are scattered across the city, one even lives here in Leiden, Delft, and you’re telling me they cannot even help?

“Come to cook or even just bring something. They’re struggling, they have no food, clothes or anything, and solely rely on the generosity of neighbours.

POOR: Amelia's Wendy she shares with laaities

“The family does not care about her, her children do not care. I was also raised by my grandmother and it meant the world to me, but like this? This is not on. School starts next week, what about these children?”

Mayco Member for Area South, Siyabulela Mamkeli, also appealed for people to spread the goodwill and donate a few items to the family.

If you would like to make a donation to Amelia and her family, contact Shamiela Dollie on 074 756 5256 or Nombuyiselo on 078 065 1004.

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