KRY SY FAME: Murderer Cameron Wilson

A documentary about convicted killer Cameron Wilson is set to be aired on national TV on Monday.

Wilson, 21, from Heinz Park, made headlines last year when he was convicted on 13 charges, including five murders and rape, in the Western Cape High Court in June last year.

Wilson’s reign of terror will be featured in the new weekly crime series Case Closed: Justice Served - which will be screened at 9pm on every Monday.

The episode on Wilson relied on the Daily Voice’s extensive coverage of the shocking case.

Wilson was found guilty on 13 of the 15 charges he faced in the Western Cape High Court.

He was convicted on five counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault, one count of rape, one count of the possession of an illegal firearm and possession of illegal ammunition.

He was acquitted on an attempted murder charge which occurred in April 2015 and a count of rape.

Wilson’s crime spree started in 2014 and ended with his arrest in 2016 after the murder of Lekita Moore, 18, from Valhalla Park.

GRIM DEATH: Lekita Moore

Her mutilated and naked body was discovered in an open field in Tuna Road.

She’d been stabbed 98 times and her neck, face, breasts, and her vagina had been slashed.

Wilson was sentenced to four life terms as well as a total of 71 years behind bars for the other charges.

The sentences will run concurrently and he will only be considered for parole after 25 years.

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