YOUNG TALENT: Seth Ellis, 10, can act, dance and sing well CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Meet the rising Cape Flats star who is dancing, singing and acting his way to the big time.

Ten-year-old Seth Ellis has already showcased his talents on the international stage and starred alongside Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke in his first feature film.

The little starlet from Thornton, who is the nephew of former Banyana Banyana captain Desiree Ellis, has just finished filming parts of a science fiction drama, called 24 Hours to Live.

Hawke plays a hitman who is brought back from the dead after he is given a second chance at redemption.

Seth, a Grade 4 learner at Thornton Primary School, plays a ghost who haunts Ethan’s character in the fliek.

The movie also stars actor-musician Common.

“Performing is something I loved from a very young age [three to be exact],” Seth tells the Daily Voice.

“Sometimes I still get nervous when I have to perform but then I get on stage and I don’t think about the people and it feels like no one’s there,” he says.

Earlier this month Seth performed in Orlando, Florida, at an international talent show, after he was spotted by a scout last year and invited to perform on stage at Disneyland.

His proud mom Caryn Ellis, 29, says he delivered a sterling performance.

“This was the first time he competed. He was one of eight South Africans and the only one who made it in the top 10 in more than one category, for dancing and monologue [acting],” Caryn explains.

“We were there for two weeks, it was so hectic.

“He was invited back to the States [for later this year] but we won’t be going because we don’t have another R22 000 lying around,” she chuckles.

Seth admits he didn’t know who Ethan Hawke was before he started filming with him.

“I didn’t know him until my mommy told me who he was,” he says.

“Then I went on Google and I saw some of his movies.

“[Working with Ethan] was amazing. He’s a really cool guy and we really got to know each other.

“This was my very first movie. It feels like I’m famous,” he adds with a cute smile.