TRAUMA: Girl who was moered by a boy in her class. Photo: Jack Lestrade
A Mitchells Plain mom is angry after her daughter was summoned to a disciplinary hearing after she was allegedly assaulted by a boy in her class.

The mother says her Grade 7 daughter’s nose was bleeding and she was headbutted by the boy, who is in her class at AZ Berman Primary School.

The incident happened on Friday and the mom says the 13-year-old girl has been charged with fighting in class and must attend a disciplinary hearing this week.

She says she is angry at the school for further victimising her daughter, who is in extreme pain and has been left severely traumatised.

“The school didn’t even notify me. They rather sent her home with a letter saying she has to attend a disciplinary hearing for fighting,” the mother says.

SUMMON: Letter from the skool. Photo: Jack Lestrade

The meisie, who is still traumatised, cries as she explains what allegedly happened.

“I stood at the desk and he knocked me with his shoulder. He asked me if I would like to see how he pulls my long hair. He pulled me and I pushed him back,” the girl says.

“He then threw me on the table and headbutted me against my forehead. I pushed him, then he grabbed me and hit me twice with his fists in my face.

“That’s when my nose started bleeding.”

The mother says she rushed her daughter to a doctor, as her nose started swelling and she started complaining of headaches.

“She is a bubbly child who loves eating. The past weekend she did not eat anything, she was withdrawn.

“On Sunday, we took her back to the doctor. The doctor stated she will be in pain for a few weeks.

“She now fears going back to school.”

The mother says she does not want the alleged bully to be expelled.

“Although he hurt my child so badly, I do not want him to lose his education, but he does have to be punished,” she says.

Millicent Merton, spokesperson of the Western Cape Education Department, confirms the boy has been suspended.

SCENE: AZ Berman Primary. Photo: Jack Lestrade

“I can confirm that a learner was suspended for headbutting and punching a classmate on Friday, 7 September,” she says, adding a disciplinary hearing has been scheduled for today.

“The school has been in contact with the parents of both learners.”

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