CONCERN: Grassy Park CPF calling for ban. Photo: BRENTON.GEACH/INLSA
The Community Policing Forum (CPF) of Grassy Park is calling for the ban on the sale of toy guns as they say children are starting to imitate gangsters.

Spokesman Philip Bam says authorities need to act fast.

“Toy guns are creating a propensity for violence by teaching children from a young age that violence is the answer,” Bam says.

“We call on authorities to ban the sale of these imitation guns. Children get use to these guns and it’s becoming and looking more and more real.”

He says pellet guns are as dangerous as real guns.

“They could seriously harm someone or even blind them for life. The law (Act 60 of 2000) declares it illegal to be in possession or to point anything which is likely to lead a person to believe it is a firearm.”

He says criminals are using toy guns as they are more easily acceptable.

“Many shops were robbed using toy guns in our area.

“We need to start educating children. We teach them not to play with fire and the dangers thereof, but think it’s cool for them to play with guns.”

The CPF is planning to engage with the Department of Trade and Industry soon.

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