Two fatal deaths were recorded on Western Cape roads over the weekend, provincial traffic authorities said on Monday.

Both deaths occurred on Saturday, one on the N7 between Morningstar and the M19, and the other between Mamre and the R27.

Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services further reported that officers had arrested 27 motorists for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. According to Kenny Africa, Provincial Traffic Chief, the highest breath alcohol reading recorded was found to be four times over the legal limit.

Authorities said breath testing was performed on 1,955 drivers at 25 alcohol blitz roadblocks across the province. The highest breath alcohol reading was recorded in the Swellendam service area where a motorist was found to have a 1,06 mg of alcohol/ 1 000 ml of breath, more than four times the legal limit of 0,24 mg/ 1 000 ml.

“Eight were arrested in the George service area, four in Swellendam, three in Mossel Bay, three in Caledon, two in Somerset West, two in Knysna, two in Worcester, one in Laingsburg, one in Vredenburg and one in Oudtshoorn.”

A total of 151 speeding offences were also recorded, while a total of 213 fines, amounting to R297,750, were issued for a variety of reasons, ranging from driver offences to vehicle fitness violations.

The highest speeds recorded were 160 km/h in a 120 km/h zone in the Laingsburg service area, followed by 147 km/h in a 100 km/h zone in the Oudtshoorn service area, and 101 km/h in an 80 km/h zone in the Mossel Bay service area.

The Department of Transport and Public Works further appealed to motorists to not use cellphones while driving, to reduce fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers.