Photo: Monique Duval/Daily Voice
The Water Crisis Coalition has released a petition calling on Capetonians to march on the City of Cape Town in protest of Water Management Devices and increased tariffs next week.

The petition, which is being shared on social media, calls for the municipality to stop installing the blue water meters and investigate alleged corruption around the tenders.

This comes amid a slew of complaints about the devices popping and causing thousands of litres of fresh water to pour into the streets.

Shaheed Mahomed, of the coalition, says on 25 April, marchers will meet in District Six and hand over the petition to the City and Parliament.

“We know they are investigating the tenders, but we want an independent investigation because the City cannot investigate itself. The evidence of corruption is overwhelming and how can they investigate the devices and keep installing them at the same time? We are also calling for the incorrect billing to be corrected and the arrears scrapped.”

In March, the Daily Voice revealed that DA councillors had called for a forensic investigation into the tenders which are held by two companies, Aqualoc and Sakikhaya.

City communications director, Priya Reddy, says the department looking into the investigation is busy completing the recommended actions.

She didn’t comment on how much the probe is costing the City or when they expect an outcome. It is also not clear if the findings of this investigation will be made public.

“This would have to be determined and could be considered if warranted. Each case must be decided on merit,” she says.

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