Angus and Bonteheuwel residents stand over injured girl.  CREDIT: Facebook
Angus and Bonteheuwel residents stand over injured girl. CREDIT: Facebook

The family of the little girl who was knocked down by a Democratic Alliance ward councillor are threatening to open a case against him.

Six-year-old Iraan Isaacs’ worried ouma says newly-elected DA ward councillor Angus McKenzie has not yet apologised to the family after he knocked the little girl off her bicycle.

But a stressed-out McKenzie yesterday insisted that he did say sorry, adding “it’s their right to open a case if they want to”.

McKenzie was leaving his Bonteheuwel offices on Monday night when he struck Iraan, who was riding her bike, in the parking area outside the council office.

The little girl and her 16-year-old sister were on their way to the shop.

The Grade 1 learner sustained a head injury and bruises on her arms and legs when she hit the front of McKenzie’s Ford Ranger double cab bakkie and fell off her bike.

Iraan’s ouma Gaironesa Isaacs, 60, tells the Daily Voice her grandchild’s “skull was cracked”.

“She also has some bleeding [in the head] because of this and doctors say they still need to monitor her so they can see how serious it is,” she says.

“Luckily no bones were broken. Her mother is with her at Red Cross Hospital because she cries when she is left alone.

“We just hope there’s no permanent damage.”

Gaironesa says she doesn’t bear any grudges against McKenzie and only wants the law to take its course.

“We are going to open a case because justice must take its course,” she says.

“We don’t have any hidden agenda and we are not out to ruin his reputation or his career, he could have been anyone.

“This is about what’s in her best interest, what if there is long-term or permanent damage?

“I do believe it was an accident and I believe that he didn’t see her.

“We all make mistakes but he still hasn’t apologised to us yet and that hurts,” she says.

But McKenzie says: “I can understand that the mother and grandmother are possibly still in shock and they probably don’t remember that I apologised.

“I showed huge concerns and I said I will support them in any way I can. If needs be I will apologise again.

Police confirmed on Monday night that the accident had been reported.