CONCERNING: Skollies in Ravensmead High’s quad. Photo: SUPPLIED

Cops were called out to Ravensmead High School after skollies entered the school grounds and beat up a pupil.

A concerned parent, who asked not to be named, sent the Daily Voice two videos of the incident which shows males in civilian clothing arriving in the quad and approaching a pupil as his classmates begin screaming.

“We were told it happened last Thursday and the children started sharing the videos the next day,” the parent says.

“Those guys are known skollies and apparently walked onto the grounds with pangas and guns and attacked a boy on the school. They also told us a shot went off.”

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond, says no learners were harmed: “Four people, who were not learners, gained access to the school allegedly looking for three learners who had, the previous day, assaulted one of their friends.

“The four men had a black plastic sjambok and wooden boards. There were, allegedly, no pangas involved.

“The three learners sought refuge in the administration block. The police were called and the four men were escorted away.”

She says the learners involved in the fight will face disciplinary action.

“SAPS has been asked to increase police visibility around the school,” she says.

CONFIRM: Bronagh Hammond. Photo: SUPPLIED

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says cops were at the school but says no shots were fired.

“Two learners fought last week Tuesday at the school premises but there was no case registered at Ravensmead Police Station.”

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