An animal organisation has opened a criminal case against two men who were filmed torturing a baby seal.

The horrific video surfaced on social media on Monday showing two men repeatedly slashing and bashing the small animal against a boat.

The sickening cellphone video, which is almost two minutes long, is filmed on a boat at sea off Velddrif on the West Coast and the two young white men laugh as the terrified animal tries to escape.

It starts with one man holding a knife and slashing the seal in the face.


“Hy gaan uitklim, keer die ****,” the person making the video is heard saying.

The cellphone changes hands and the second man grabs the seal by the neck, shouting,“Here comes the Big Show” (WWE wrestler) and slams the pup into the boat.

Holding the seal by its flippers, he grinds his penis against it as the other man says: “Laat hy jou **** suig.”

He even forces the seal to drink beer before swinging the animal high and continually bashing it against the boat.

The post, which was shared by hundreds of people, caused an uproar on Facebook with users calling the two men “despicable, inhumane and gemors”.

Louise van Zyl, manager for Swartland and West Coast SPCA, says during their investigation it was revealed that the video was made in 2017 but only surfaced this week.

“We were alerted to a video that depicted the horrific beating and stabbing of a poor little baby seal. We, as were many members of the public who saw the video on social media, were sickened at this blatant display of cruelty,” she says.

SHOCKING: Man swinging poor seal

“On further investigation and with the help of concerned citizens, we were able to identify the perpetrator. As a result we have been able to gather enough evidence to lay charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act.”

The organisation says they are not sure if the seal died as a result of the men’s actions.

The provincial police yesterday refused to comment, saying Daily Voice first needed to provide it with a case number.

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