PROUD: DA leader Mmusi Maimane urged mense to vote DA

A Mitchells Plain oupa who accused DA leader Mmusi Maimane of “talking s***” during an election rally was thrown out of a public park by police yesterday.

Maimane was holding a public meeting at the Merino Street Park in Westridge as part of the DA’s pre-election #Change19 National Tour to the Western Cape.

But shortly into his speech, Maimane got an earful from Westridge resident Roy Tuckldoe who accused him of talking k**.

  BOOTED OUT: Roy Tuckldoe heckled Maimane at the Mitchells Plain election rally

Maimane had called on the community to unite against crime.

“I hear that many in this community struggle with crime. How are we going to fight crime when people aren’t working?” he asked.“Those tsotsis are robbing our people and selling drugs to our young people; they must end up in jail.”

Tuckldoe, however, loudly interrupted, saying: “Hy praat s***!”.

DA members immediately skelled the elderly man, accusing him of being an ANC member coming to heckle Maimane, but Tuckldoe said he had the right to raise his concerns at a public event.

Maimane continued to address the klein crowd of about 50 people, and called on Mitchells Plain residents to support the DA in the 2019 elections.

Resident Jonathan Toockley spoke to Maimane about his concerns for the youth in Westridge.

“We have so much time and nothing to do. There is no work. Everyone turns to drugs and we are in the middle of a drug war in Westridge. How are you going to change that or give us another way?” Toockley wanted to know.

Maimane encouraged Toockley to register with the City’s unemployment database if he was struggling to find work.

Meanwhile, Westridge resident and DA member, Norman Brander, says he was shocked to hear Maimane was in the area as he did not receive any notification.

“The DA didn’t even send us as members a message. We heard the announcement from the bakkie. I mean ma, I could have put my DA T-shirt on. But I believe in the DA.”

Speaking to the Daily Voice, Maimane said he was proud of the party’s progress innie Plain.

While Maimane gave television interviews, Tuckldoe became embroiled in a fight with police after they told him he could not ask Maimane questions.

“You are being a disruption, sir, you must leave,” one cop said.

But the oupa replied: “I’m living here 57 years and if they say this is a public meeting then why can’t I ask questions? This is a public place. I can come here if I want.”