CASE: Yagyah Rubain applied
for bail at Simon's Town court

Police yesterday revealed Camron Britz, who predicted her own violent death, had been strangled in bushes in Ocean View.
Police arrested Yagyah Rubain, 19, of Ocean View on charges of rape and murder, after he handed himself over to cops on Sunday.

Rubain made his first appearance at the Simon’s Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

It is alleged he lured Camron to his bunker in the bush under the pretence that her father was calling her.

Police and security at the courthouse were forced to lock the gates as angry community members bayed for Rubain’s blood.

Even Camron’s mother, Berenice Britz, 42, had to fight her way back inside court after the tea break, and was left the tea break , and was left in a flood of tears.

Emotions were further fuelled when State Prosecutor Chloe Morris revealed Rubain had previously faced charges of sexual assault in 2015.

This matter was withdrawn at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court.

“There is a previous case of sexual assault in 2015 which was withdrawn,” said Morris.

She did not give reasons why.

Rubain was accused of sexually molesting eight boys between the ages of eight and 10 years old, and allegedly luring them to a “secret cave” in the bush.

Rubain appeared calm, and was neatly dressed in a grey jacket, his hair slicked back.

He did not make eye contact with anyone in the public gallery, including his parents who sat in the front row.

It is the state’s case that Rubain lured Camron to her death on Saturday night, and that several people saw him leaving the bush on Sunday, hours before Camron’s half-naked body was found by her 11-year-old brother in bushes along Slangkop Street.

On the same day, residents led cops to a makeshift bunker in the bush near the scene, believed to be Rubain’s secret lair.

Police obtained blood samples from sand at the bunker.

Camron went missing on Saturday after she was supposed to sleep over at a friend’s home across the street from her house.

Morris says several witnesses could identify Rubain as the person last seen with Camron at a community bonfire.

“It is alleged on July 1 the deceased went missing at a community bonfire and was seen with the accused,” said Morris.

“The accused said to the deceased that her father is calling her and she went with him, it is alleged the accused lured her under the pretence that her father is looking for her.

“The accused was seen by several witnesses with the deceased.

“The accused was also seen leaving the bush the next morning where the body was discovered.”

Morris then revealed how Camron had died, drawing gasps of horror from around the courtroom: “She was raped anally and vaginally and she was strangled to death.

“Something was put down her throat, possibly a reed, we are awaiting DNA results.”

Magistrate Crystal McKenna then asked Rubian if he would be applying for bail since the State indicated that they were opposing.

Rubain replied: “I want to apply.”

McKenna postponed the matter to today for Rubain’s legal aid lawyer to come on record.

Outside court, furious community members rushed the court gates, demanding to enter, but cops quickly calmed them down.

Before her death, Camron had a nightmare of being gang-raped and killed, and wrote several poems and letters about it, which have been handed over to police as evidence.