Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille
Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille

The Democratic Alliance's (DA) provincial leader, Patricia De Lille says poo flinger and former ANC councillor Loyiso Nkohla helped her party clinch the Cape.

De Lille was speaking after the IEC revealed the DA has won several major municipalities in Cape Town.

De Lille, who is retaining her seat as Cape Town mayor, says they campaigned on a "clean record" that spoke for itself.

"We have been vindicated, the people have spoken and I'm not gloating, I'm very humbled," she says.

"The trust people put in us is enormous and we promise to continue working hard."

She says working with Loyiso, a former Ses'Khona leader arrested for throwing feaces on the stairs of the Western Cape legislature and at the Cape Town International Airport, has shown a completely different side to him.

Loyiso left the ANC to join the DA in June saying the ANC had failed to deliver on their promises.

De Lille says they began working together after he called her to try and resolve the issues around service delivery to the townships.

"He was saying it is not about politics, he has helped us get access to people we would not have access to.

"I have great respect for the man, I have seen a different side to him and he has certainly helped us."

De Lille says she is also happy about the results in Beaufort West which stood at 49% in the DA's favor by 3pm.

She says they might need to enter into a coalition with another party in order to govern.

"Beaufort West (is) my hometown, ( and) when I drove into Beaufort West it was dirty, pot holed and (then) I drove to the municipal office and saw them painting it and I said thank you for cleaning it up for us."

She says part of the reason the ANC lost the municipality was due to the infighting.

"(Mayor)Truman Prince was very popular but came with a lot of baggage and people saw the need for change," she says.