WARM UP: Captain Voice Power and Nafeesah Cupido, 28, of Ihata shelter.   CREDIT: Brendan Magaar
WARM UP: Captain Voice Power and Nafeesah Cupido, 28, of Ihata shelter. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

It was a kous call but the Daily Voice pulled out all the socks for Mandela Day.

The aim was to get as many kouse as possible and distribute it to mense in need across the Kaap and we did just that.

Yesterday, the Daily Voice visited two shelters for abused women and children as well as a nutrition centre, to donate some of the socks we’ve collected.

The ladies at the Ihata shelter in Heideveld were very happy with their unexpected gifts, especially the kiddies socks.

Nafeesah Cupido has been at the shelter for five months and says: “I mean you always get holes in your socks so it’s a great gift.”

Another lady excitedly told Captain Voice Power that she spotted him at Vangate Mall on Saturday.

“I donated R5 (to the sock campaign) and you see now, today I get my blessing back,” she says.

In Gugulethu at the Dorothy Zihlangu Shelter, the ladies were just as happy to receive their kouse.

Housemother Xoliswa Mhlana says: “There are tiles throughout the house and it gets cold here in winter, so this is a very good donation.”

The shelter assists women and children who have fled from abusive households and help get them back on their feet.

Senior social worker and manager Siphokazi Bona says: “It is often the case that these are housewives who leave that abusive situation with nothing. And while we try to get them reunited with family, all donations are welcome.”

In Langa the gogos at the Nonkululeko Nutrition Centre were hard at work tending their vegetable garden.

What started in 1998 as a veg patch has now blossomed into rows and rows of beetroot, carrot, cabbage and spring onion fields in the middle of NY133.

Alice Nyamende, 79, says the socks will definitely be put to good use.

“We work here early in the morning till about 12pm and the socks are a very good donation,” she says.

The ladies sell the veggies to Harvest of Hope and it helps to feed the community.

The Daily Voice would like to thank our devoted readers and the management of Vangate Mall for their generosity, as well as FNB, Portside, Cape Town, and Catalogue Shopping in Milnerton for their sock donations.

In the next few weeks there will be more sokkie drop-offs across town, so keep those kouse coming in, mense.