SCENE: Lavender Hill shooting
Two people were shot on Sunday in a drive-by shooting in Lavender Hill as a gang war rages on between the Mongrels and the Fast Guns.

Just after 8pm, men in a white Toyota Conquest fired multiple shots in St. Boniface Road in St. Montague Village, hitting a woman and a teen girl.

The unidentified victims, aged 42 and 17, were rushed to hospital by residents.

The woman sustained two gunshot wounds, one to the left side of her chest and behind her left ear, while the girl sustained a gunshot wound to her left leg.

A fearful resident says they’ve become prisoners in their own home.

Dinge ruk handuit. We cannot even leave to go work, who knows who’s going to come back alive? Those women were innocent and didn’t deserve this.

“We are being held hostage in our homes, our children cannot even play outside. It’s time police stood up and helped us,” the woman says.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says two cases of attempted murder have been opened for investigation.

“According to reports a white Toyota Conquest drove speedily down the road and fired several shots at the victims and drove away.

“The motive for the shooting is unknown and no arrests have been made. Steenberg police have registered a case of attempted murder and the investigation continues,” Van Wyk said.

Anyone with information is requested to contact Steenberg SAPS at 021 702 9000.

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