VICTIM: Janet N’tozini was stabbed to death when she helped a disabled child. Photo: TRACEY ADAMS. AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY/ANA

A matric meisie has been hailed a hero after she died saving the life of a disabled teen who was being attacked by a knife-wielding skollie.

On Monday night, angry community members torched vehicles outside the Capricorn home of the suspected killer, demanding he hand himself over to police.

When the Daily Voice arrived at the house on Tuesday, heavily armed cops guarded the premises as relatives removed furniture and vehicles.

Angry residents say the 23-year-old man had blood on his hands after allegedly killing Muizenberg High School pupil, Janet N’tozini, 19, who was stabbed to death on Sunday in Doring Street in Capricorn just after 9pm.

Pupils on Tuesday created a memorial site in her memory with flowers and candles, calling her a hero.

VIDEO: Genevieve Serra

The man handed himself over to cops early on Monday morning while the murder weapon was also found and confiscated.

It is alleged the suspect had attacked a 19-year-old man, who had been left disabled after a bout of meningitis at the age of two.

Janet was stabbed four times and rushed to hospital where she passed away.

The 38-year-old mother of the disabled boy says her son had been sitting outside with a friend and was playing with a laser light which apparently irritated the attacker.

“He came to my son and another boy, he took out his knife and he wanted to stab them,” says the mom.

“When he got to my son, my son grabbed at his hands and he pushed my son and started kicking him.

“I ran there and I caught him beating my son. I pushed him and he fell.

MEMORIAL: Staff, pupils lay flowers for murdered Janet. Photo: TRACEY ADAMS. AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY/ANA

“The community began to beat him. Janet said, ‘you cannot do this, this is a child who cannot do anything for himself’.

“He told her, ‘jy, jou ma se * ***’, and he took out the knife.

“Janet fell and he stabbed her four times, thrice in the back.”

A resident, who asked not to be identified, says they are outraged by the senseless murder.

“Why did he do this? She was just a child. We burnt the cars outside his home.”

At Janet’s school, principal Leonie Jacobsen spoke passionately about the brave meisie, who was a talented soccer player.

“We saw her transform into a butterfly,” the palie said.

“Janet was part of the school soccer team and I prayed someone would discover her.

SCENE: Home of the 23-year-old suspect in Capricorn. Photo: TRACEY ADAMS. AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY/ANA

“During the final days of school last year, Janet dressed up in her uniform and did motivational talks at a primary school about the choices children make.

“Janet already practised what we want our children to leave this school with, to be a mentor to the weak and vulnerable.”

Janet’s family did not want to comment, saying they needed to consult with their elders first.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms: “According to reports, the deceased intervened in a fight between the suspect and another person, and was stabbed.

“A 23-year-old suspect was arrested in the early hours of (Monday) morning after handing himself over at the police station.

“The murder weapon was also located by the station commander and handed in as an exhibit.”

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