Ebrahiem Phillips

A Mitchells Plain family is calling on the community to help them gather signatures to oppose bail for the three skelms who allegedly murdered their beloved oupa.

Ebrahiem Phillips, 64, died at the Total Garage in Beacon Valley last week after he was attacked by three men shortly after withdrawing his pension at the ATM.

Last week more than 1000 people attended the janaazah of the popular elderly man, known as “Boeta Hiema”.

His hartseer sister, Nadia Levy, 60, says since the incident the family has been inundated with visits and telephone calls as people come to sympathise.

Boeta Hiema was unmarried and did not have any children, and had been living with his sister and her family in Lentegeur for the past 30 years.

The pensioner, who enjoyed walking around Mitchells Plain, was known for giving cheap haircuts to men and women.

Gustaf Moses, Walled Schroeder and Levaile Wagner appeared in the Mitchells Plain Magistrates' Court last Wednesday for Boeta Hiema’s murder.

Nadia says she got a skrik when one of the accused turned around to apologise to the family.

“We were sitting in the front row and the three of them came up. I was shocked when one of them turned around and said sorry to us. I don’t know them,” says Nadia.


Over the past week the family has been circulating petitions calling for bail to be denied and have so far gathered more than 300 signatures.

Their aim is to gather 1000 signatures before their next appearance and to host a peaceful placard demonstration outside the court.

Nadia Levy

Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Abie Isaacs, says they condemn the senseless killing of Boeta Hiema and call on residents to support the family.

“Boeta Hiema was very popular and it was a senseless killing. We call on residents to help the family oppose bail.”

Nadia says she hopes her brother’s death will help unite residents.

“We are very distraught and we would like people to come to court on 11 December to protest and support us that these guys won’t get off scot-free. Not only for Ebrahiem but for all the people in Mitchells Plain who get hurt, hijacked and murdered. We need to take a stand,” she says.

The family will have the petition at court and have circulated it at various stalls in the Town Centre.

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