HAVING A BALL: Uitsig High School pupils at their farewell
HAVING A BALL: Uitsig High School pupils at their farewell
ARRIVAL: Necita Mchalim pulls up in fine style
ARRIVAL: Necita Mchalim pulls up in fine style
There was jubilation and joy on Wednesday night at the matric ball of the last 15 matriculants of Uitsig High School, when their principal announced the school would no longer be closing.

The school had been through a tough year, which included the Western Cape Education Department saying the school would be shut due to poor infrastructure and that it was no longer safe for pupils to use the crumbling buildings.

As celebrations got underway at Parow Minor Hall, Principal Charlene Faro told learners and the parents present that the WCED had decided not to close the school at the end of December.

ANNOUNCE: Charlene Faro said school won't be shut

“Our parents and learners have had a full year of uncertainty, waiting for the school to close forever this month. But on Tuesday, a day before the end of the term, we were told that the school will not be closing,” said Faro.

In November, Education MEC Debbie Schafer said the decision to close the school did not come easy.

The school currently has 93 pupils, including 15 in matric.

Schafer said pupils have already been put in nearby Ravensmead High School.

But plans for the closure were stalled when parents took the matter to the Western Cape High Court , who ordered the WCED to repair damage and restore water and krag, and to start a consultation process with parents.

PASHASH: Chandre and her brother Du-Wayne

Schafer announced last month that they would be going ahead with the closure.

“The decision was made after due process in terms of the South African Schools Act was complied with, and mindful of the fact that High Court litigation has already been initiated in this matter.

“The conditions in which they currently teach and learn will be vastly improved if they move to another high school in the area, which has better resources, infrastructure, subject options and learner numbers.”

Faro’s surprise news on Wednesday night was greeted with whoops and loud cheers, but it turns out the palie’s announcement was premature.

GLAMOROUS PAIR: Anthea Nickson and Enoch Jacobs

The Daily Voice on Thursday contacted the WCED, whose spokesperson Jessica Shelver said no decision has been reached yet.

“The WCED has not announced that the school will not be permanently closed. Rather, we have agreed to stand by the undertaking we gave earlier in the year, that we will not move learners or staff formally until the matter has been determined in the Cape High Court,” said Shelver.

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