The boy, 15, and girl, 14, were standing in an empty park when an unknown gunman opened fire. CREDIT: Sourced
Police are investigating a case of attempted murder after two teens were wounded in a gang shooting.

A 14-year-old girl was shot in her back while her 15-year-old male friend was shot in the leg in the incident in Parkwood.

Their families asked that their identities be withheld out of fear for the children’s safety.

The boy, who escaped with a flesh wound to the calf, says he fell down when he heard the gunshots and didn’t realise he was hit.

“We were standing in the park when a guy walked in our direction while shooting,” the teen says.

“We all ran. I fell to the ground and wondered why we were being shot at, then I got up and ran.

“I did not realise I was hit as I was running to a neighbour’s house.”

The boy says there was no one else in the park but them.

He was released from hospital on the same day.

Meanwhile, the girl is still recovering in hospital after her intestines were damaged by the bullet.

The girl’s mother says she is in a stable condition.

“The bullet went through her back and out her stomach, thankfully it didn’t hit any (of her vital organs),” the worried mom says.

“Someone rushed her to the hospital before we got to her and that possibly saved her life.

“Doctors had to perform surgery and removed the damaged part of her intestine.

“She wasn’t eating (on Monday) but at least she’s eating today.”

Two weeks ago a seven-year-old girl was shot and wounded in Moosa Walk, Parkwood.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says no one was arrested in either of the incidents.