Two pupils were stabbed in a fight involving “20 against 30 learners” at Lentegeur High School in Mitchells Plain on Monday morning.

Parents arrived at the school after seeing social media posts reporting that a child had been stabbed to death at the school.

But Western Cape Education Department spokeswoman Bronagh Hammond said no fatalities had occurred and the injured pupils were stable.

“Four male learners have been involved in a stabbing incident at the school,” Hammond said.

“Two learners were seriously injured and have received medical treatment. They are both stable and one will be released today (Monday) and the other learner, with a head and neck injury, tomorrow (Tuesday).”

Pupils and staff will receive counselling.

She says all the boys are 16 years old and in Grade 9, 10 and 11.

“The incident happened just before school started on the school grounds. The incident is of great concern to the WCED and the school community,” Hammond said.

A witness says the fight was between coloured and African learners but was not racist in nature.

“The trouble started last week when a coloured learner who is a JFK gangster told the African learners they could not smoke on the stairs.

“This morning (Monday) he said the same thing and an argument broke out and knives were drawn. The African learners are quiet and peaceful,” the witness says.

“It was then 20 learners versus 30 learners. This is not about race but jealousy as the JFKs want to rule the school.”

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