VICTIM: Morné Brickles, 22

Two people were shot dead and at least one person wounded during a suspected gang attack in Bishop Lavis.

Polices sources say infighting in the 28s is what led to the shooting during which a member of a gang was gunned down.

On Friday night, 22-year-old Morné Brickles was killed in a drive-by shooting while on his way to the shop around 11pm.

Residents say he was not involved in gang activity in the area.

His parents were too traumatised to speak to the media yesterday.

Shortly after Morné was shot, at 11.30pm, a suspected 28s skollie, Clinton van der Vent, 30, was shot dead in the toilet of a Wendy house in Sneeuberg Road, Bishop Lavis.

A police source tells the Daily Voice, Van der Vent was recently released from prison, and was one of 28s gang boss George “Geweld” Thomas’ henchman.

“He was released from prison about three weeks ago and it’s alleged he shot someone in the Happy Valley, Blue Downs area.

“He belonged to the 28s gang. He worked for Geweld so some people called him Geweld’s son,” the cop says.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says the double murder is under investigation.

“The 22-year-old victim was found lying in Lenton Drive, Bishop Lavis with multiple gunshot wounds on his back. A murder case was opened for investigation, no arrest as yet,” Van Wyk says.

He said Van der Vent’s killers were also still at large.

“The suspects is unknown at this stage but it is suspected of being gang-related,” Van Wyk adds.