REG: Heideveld leak

Residents of Grace Court in Heideveld say thousands of litres of clean drinking water was wasted after the pipe burst on Sunday just after 4pm.

They reported the matter but got no joy, and yesterday morning the mense called the Daily Voice for help.

Within hours of a Daily Voice enquiry, the City sent a team to fix the pipe yesterday afternoon.

Residents say the City should be held accountable for wastage in the face of a crippling drought.

Pensioner Fatima de Jongh, 63, says she was napping when she heard people screaming that the pipe under the flat’s stairs had burst.

“We contacted the City office and they sent a van out, but those guys left and said they do not do maintenance outside the homes and promised to send someone. Meanwhile spyt die water," she says.

“The neighbours brought their bins and buckets, we saved as much as we could and watered the vegetable gardens.”

She says her nephew, Rafiq Jansen, 23, tried to stop the flow with a broodsakkie and a lappie.

“I had to McGuyver the pipe quickly for my aunty. There is a massive water shortage in the province and these people took their time to come out and fix the problem,” says Rafiq.

When the Daily Voice arrived at Grace Court yesterday, 11 City workers were fixing the pipe.

Asked for a reply, a City spokesperson said the problem had been fixed already and they wouldn’t be issuing a statement.