Rugaya and Riedewaan Addinall, both 82 years old, lived in Sandown Road, Ottery, for the past three years.

Anwar, who is one of four children, became worried when his elderly parents didn’t answer his calls.

“My cousin went around and knocked on their door, but received no response from them. He came to me and we both went there with a locksmith to get the door open,” he explains.

“I found my parents dead in their home. It looked like they had been strangled with something. This has been a very traumatic time for our family,” he says.

Anwar found the couple’s home ransacked on Sunday at 4pm, with appliances and other items of value loaded into his parents’ car.

Neighbours were left shocked as they said the area was “quiet”.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said in a statement: The thorough and comprehensive investigation by Lansdowne detectives into the ruthless killing of an elderly Ottery couple in their home on Sunday the 6th of January 2019 led to the arrest of two male suspects last (Thursday) night. 

Detectives assigned to the case worked around the clock in search of the suspects aged 20 and 29, who were both arrested at a residence in Delft. One of the suspects was acquainted with the victims. 

They are due to make a court appearance in Wynberg on Monday 2019-01-14.

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