GONE: Qiyaam, Abdu Dayaan
Hanover Park children on Thursday gathered for a soccer tournament to pay tribute to two boys who died in a quad bike accident in August.

The open veldtjie buzzed with excitement as players from Blomvlei Rising Stars FC geared up for friendly matches to honour their friends.

Best friends Abdu Dayaan Roode and Qiyaam Stemmet died on 4 August when they lost control of a quad bike and it crashed into a wall of a house in Lynburg Road.

FATAL CRASH: The scene of the quad bike accident which claimed the lives of two boys in Hanover Park. A resident said paramedics and the fire brigade had to wait for a police escort before they could drive to the scene. Picture: Leon Knipe

Speaking on Thursday at the opening of the tournament, organiser Veronica Steer told children to remember their friends while playing.

“Today we will have teams competing in three age categories and while we host the tournaments during the school holidays to give the children something to do during the holidays, this is a special tribute tournament to remember the two boys who died,” she said.

“Dayaan was part of the U10 team at Blomvlei Rising Stars and he played the midfielder and goalkeeper positions. We really want to expand the soccer project.”

The tournament was also attended by representatives from Social Development MEC, Albert Fritz’s office who helped by providing meals for children on the day.

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