COMPLAINTS: Property owner Patricia Noah. CREDIT: Sourced

Johannesburg residents say it is no joke living in properties owned and administrated by Trevor Noah’s mom, Patricia.

The funny man’s mother is accused of being a slumlord and taking advantage of the poor.

Patricia Noah, an estate agent who owns several flats and is the administrator of numerous buildings across Joburg, has been accused of letting the buildings rot, not paying for krag residents say they have already paid for, and getting court orders to execute the properties.

Concerned mense have opened cases against Noah, gone to court and complained to the City of Joburg who has confirmed the complaints.

A group of residents from Sunnyside, Hillbrow, fear they will be kicked out of their homes if Noah isn’t fired as their administrator.

This comes after she took them to court for non-payment.

They claim they have to pay as much as R8 000 for rent, power, water and levies and produced receipts to back up these claims.

“I stay alone and work all day, yet I keep getting an electricity bill of R1 500. It doesn’t make sense to me,” said one unhappy resident.

They also claim only one lift in the building is working although they had to pay a levy of R5 400 to have the lifts fixed.

An investigation by The Star also revealed that Noah owns several properties, for which she paid as little as R100 per unit.

When contacted for comment Noah put reporters on hold for several minutes before ending the call.

Her attorney Victor Seloane has slammed the allegations as “defamatory and wrongful”.