PARTY GIRLS: Beauty pageant. CREDIT: Facebook
Here are a few good reasons to vote for the ANC in the upcoming local elections.

Unfortunately the ruling party says the saucy images of hot young girls pronking in bright bikinis and yellow T-shirts sporting President Jacob Zuma’s face have nothing to do with their campaign.

The photos were posted on social media and shared by ’n klomp mense.

The African National Congress says it was aware of the images being circulated.

“The ANC has established that the images were taken by a group of friends‚ who are also ANC supporters‚ who organised a beauty pageant. They then circulated the images.

“These images do not form part of an ANC elections campaign nor are they endorsed by the ANC‚” the party said in a statement‚ adding it was committed to the values of non- sexism and is opposed to any form of objectification of women.

This is not the first time sexy swimwear has been used to “promote” the ANC.

In March‚ a photo of Jamaican beauty Errice Alicia Anderson was circulated by the Johannesburg branch of the ANC without her permission.

Anderson said she did not intend to sue the ANC.

“The swimwear I had on is from my clothing line as I’m a fashion designer in Jamaica,” she said.

The ANC has now offered some advice to over-enthusiastic supporters wishing to help along its election campaign.

“The ANC welcomes creative and innovative campaigning by all its supporters. We, however, strongly caution against use of any imagery that negates the fundamental values of the ANC including non-sexism. We call on all our supporters to exercise responsibility when it comes to circulating images of themselves wearing ANC colours,”said the party.