BLIND: Lucky the cat
A tiny kitten has proven to be a tough survivor after being left completely blind after it was viciously abused.

The kitten has been named “Lucky” by workers at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha after it was rescued a month ago.

Vets say Lucky suffered blunt force trauma to the head and it is believed he was either hit on the head or dropped from a height and fell on his head.

Marcelle du Plessis of the clinic says Lucky was examined by Dr. Friedl le Roux who noted he had seizures every 20 minutes.

The kitten was placed in the care of a dedicated volunteer, Stefanie Bergmann, who took him home because the hospital was full.

Lucky has been healed and is free from tremors, and has also adapted to his blindness.

“Every hour and a half I fed him, gave him medication and made sure he was warm,” says Stefanie.

“I set my alarm to wake me through the night.

“I was exhausted, but the kitten was still alive and that was all that mattered.

“On day four the seizures stopped and on day five he was able to walk in straight lines.

“At this point Dr Friedl realised that the trauma must have damaged his visual centre as he was almost entirely blind.”

Friedl says unlike humans, animals cope quite well with sudden blindness and Lucky adapted quickly.

Marcelle says Lucky will soon be joining three other blind cats in a loving home “where he will have the best life a blind cat could hope for”.

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