SHOT DEAD: Rodney Manning, 24, was killed in Hanover Park

Police were called to Athall Walk, Hanover Park on Monday morning where the body of Rodney Manning, 24, was found riddled with bullets.

Cops say Rodney was standing in the street around 8am when unknown suspects opened fire on him.

He was shot twice in the chest and stomach and died on the scene.

Four empty cartridges and one live 9mm round was found at the scene.

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut says no arrests have been made.

“The circumstances are being investigated.”

Rodney’s mother, who asked not to be identified, says the family received a warning the day before the murder.

She explains Rodney also spoke to his killers before they shot him.

“A message was sent that they will shoot my youngest son and it will happen in the road,” she says.

“My one son got the warning, they said pasop and that they are going to shoot him.

“It was 8.15am and he went to the shop and he spoke to them before they shot him.

“He wasn’t even afraid.

“They were talking still and then all of sudden they (witnesses) saw him falling and them shooting.

“They are shooting people who are defenceless, they are cowards.”