Claudine Linders, 39, from Kewtown, has been struggling with a broken roof since gale-force winds blew it off in April.

This mother of four literally has no roof over her head.

Claudine Linders, 39, has been struggling to fix the roof of her home since April, when it was blown off by gale-force winds.

The Kewtown mom and her kids now live with relatives because she can’t afford to fix her broken home in Silvertree Road.

Claudine says her eight and two-year-old were alone at home on April 22 when a storm battered the Cape.

She was at a nearby tuck shop and came home to find her and her neighbours’ asbestos roofs destroyed.

“When I walked into the house I didn’t immediately realise what happened,” she says.

“I noticed people looking at the house and only much later I realised the roof was gone.”

Claudine, who is unemployed and dependent on a social grant, inherited the home from her late uncle.

While her neighbours have fixed their broken roof, hers is still damaged.

Rain has been leaking through and further destroyed the ceiling and walls, leaving a mif smell hanging in the air.

“I sleep at my sister’s house but some nights I have to sleep here because the skelms have already broken in so many times,” Claudine says.

“It’s not safe to live like this but I don’t have the finances to fix it. I have been to many organisations but they can’t help me. I am desperate to fix the place so my children and I can come back home.”

If you can assist the family, please call Claudine on 072 526 7789.