BUSY: Children painting in Bergplaatshof Street

A group of Atlantis laaities are on a mission to beautify their community and need your help as their mural project gains momentum.

The project, started by father Carl Erasmus, is aimed at ridding the area of gang logos and instead spread positivity through Atlantis.

Carl says in January he noticed boys who had nothing to do after school would gather at his house and draw with his son Caeleo, 10.

Some of the laaities were talented and so he launched the Funke Creationz project and approached Grosvenor Primary School.

“I hosted free art classes where the children came and expressed themselves through drawings,” explains Carl.

“The school told me it was on me because they did not have funds. I collected donations for our first project at the school, which was painting the symbols of the national sports teams and the South African flag to help instil pride, during the June holidays.

“We have had about 70 children come through the programme and today we have about 25.”

During the classes, the children identified vibracrete walls on main roads in Atlantis as an issue. The walls are littered with gang graffiti to mark their territories and the children believe it has a negative impact on the community.

“They identified a section of Bergplaatshof Street where they would like to start. So we discussed the types of messages they want to share to help spread positivity and they come up with designs and drawings,” says Carl.

“We then take all the designs and come up with one concept. We are looking at things like HIV awareness, anti-crime messages and education around the water crisis.”

Carl says while the concepts are ready, the group requires paint to proceed.

“We are ready, but funding is always a problem. The project is good for the children because they are kept busy and off the streets, but also they have taken ownership of their community.”

If you would like to assist, call Carl on 074 551 7910 or email [email protected]

[email protected]

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