UNSEATED: IFP wins Nkandla Municipality

People don’t smaak Jacob Zuma in his own backyard.

The President’s confidence that the African National Congress would take control of the Nkandla Local Municipality appears to have been misplaced as the Inkatha Freedom Party won the municipality.

The IFP took 54 percent of the total vote, winning a total of 15 seats, according to the Electoral Commission of South Africa.

On election day Zuma, casting his vote in his hometown of Nkandla, said he was confident the municipality would be won by the ANC.

The ANC picked up 12 seats in Nkandla, while the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters claimed a little more than 1 000 votes between them.

In the 2011 Local Government Election, the ANC picked up six ward seats and five proportional representation (PR) seats.

It governed in coalition with the National Freedom Party until the IFP won back a number of wards through by-elections.

In this election, the ANC has picked up only three ward seats and the NFP did not contest the elections after failing to pay the required fees.