BATTLE: Rosie Leen, 66, says unwanted tenants are doing tik. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice
A Bonteheuwel ouma has opened cases with police, claiming her illegal tenants used a cigarette to burn her and assaulted her because “they want to turn her home into a drug den”.

Following the latest alleged assault last week, her neighbours helped to put the tenants out.

But Rosie Leen, 66, fears the tenants may come back after the man allegedly shared a post on Facebook, asking mense how he can get his hands on her house.

During the Daily Voice interview at the house, the man’s wife arrived with police. She had in her possession a dated court order which allowed her to enter the house.

After Rosie’s daughters explained the recent developments, cops prevented the woman from entering.

Uline Bezuidenhout and police with Rosie’s daughters. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

Rosie, who has been widowed for six years, says she rented her home to a friend for five years.

But she gave the woman notice after neighbours alerted her that cops were regularly at the house.

She says the woman moved out in May, but left several of her relatives behind, including Brinsley Bezuidenhout and his wife, Uline, and their three children, aged eight, six and five months old.

Rosie says she was forced to sleep in her lounge

Brinsley and Uline are both unemployed.

Rosie says she moved back into her two-bedroom house but was forced to sleep in the lounge.

A few weeks later, she found a tik lollie and confronted Brinsley.

“They wanted people to come in the house to smoke tik. Brinsley became upset and then he shoved me against the gate and burnt me with the cigarette,” Rosie says.

Video: Genevieve Serra/Daily Voice

Rosie’s daughters then tried to evict them, but the couple managed to obtain a spoliation order in June, which allowed them to stay on despite NEVER paying rent.

“I let them stay in the beginning because they have a baby. They told the courts I leave dirty clothing lying around and I abuse their children, which isn’t true,” says Rosie.

On Friday, Rosie was forced to use her crime whistle to alert neighbours when Brinsley allegedly shoved her.

She says he became angry because she was going away to Durban and wanted to let a male friend stay over to look after her property.

Uline Bezuidenhout shows cop ou hof order. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice

Neighbours later came and chased the couple away.

Rosie’s daughters say they were shocked to read Facebook posts allegedly made by Brinsley about the house.

The post reads in part: “We do not have a lease agreement with the owner and we have been living in the house since May without paying rent. The old lady don’t need the rent money. Her children can care for her. What can I do to get the house on my name?”

SCAR: Bonteheuwel ouma

Uline refused to comment, claiming instead that Rosie’s daughter assaulted her. But this claim has been denied.

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirmed Rosie laid two charges of assault against Brinsely.

“The suspect was arrested on the June case, but there is no arrest for the October case. This is still under investigation,” said Traut.

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