FATALITY: Chimicka

Chimicka Cornberg was shot in the head on 1 July while sleeping on a double bunk at her 15-year-old friend’s home in Carnation Street.

The teen will be buried today, nearly two weeks after her murder, because of a strike at Salt River Mortuary.

Last week police arrested a 17-year-old boy who has been charged with Chimicka’s murder.

Prosecutors are set to prove the teen had been inside the locked house when Chimicka was shot.

People in the house claim they did not hear any gunshots.

Chimicka’s friend said when she failed to hear her snoring, she checked on her, and saw the bullet hole in her forehead.

The friend’s boyfriend also slept over, but in a different room, according to her mother.

Chimicka had dropped out of school and she and her little sister, aged seven, had lived with an aunt and small cousins.

The aunt said Chimicka was like a “little mother” around the house and she has no idea why the teen was killed.

Chimicka’s body could not be released due to a backlog with post-mortems while staff at Salt River Mortuary went on strike.

A viewing will take place at 9am today at the Roman Catholic Church in Ocean View and the service begins between 9.30 and 10am.