KILLED: Mogamat Faqeer Ely, 17
A Bonteheuwel mother is mourning the loss of her son, 17 after he was gunned down at a known drug house in what was suspected to be a revenge attack.

Moegamat Faqeer Ely was shot in the face four times and once in the chest at 43B Loganberry Street.

According to Sadieka Arendse, 33, Faqeer died at the so-called House of Horrors, a well-known drug spot by two guys he knew.

Sadieka said her son was trying to get off the drugs and had promised her he would soon start helping her with the family.

The teen was a big brother to his siblings Niyaaz, 11, and Tashqeen, four.

Sadieka says she rushed to the scene when she heard her son had been shot.

ATTACK: Faqeer was shot four times in the face in Bonteheuwel

“They shot his face off. He was shot in the back of the head, in his nose, his eye, his temple and through his chest. I am traumatised and it’s exactly 11 months to the day that my husband, Mogamat Yusuf Arendse, died in a gas explosion at work,” says the distraught mom.

“Faqeer had many friends, but I believe he was also just labelled a Stupa Boy because they all grew up together here in the street.

“He fought with some guy and beat him up on New Year’s Eve and they told him they would come for him. I did not think a fistfight would cost him his life.”

GRIEVING: Mom Sadieka Arendse

The mom says Faqeer was planning to turn things around.

“My boy was coming of age, had made the decision. He promised me he would help me work for his brother and sister and he was going to, I know it. They took him before he had a real chance,” says the grieving mother.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut, says the incident happened just after 6 pm.

“On Friday at 6 pm, a 17-year-old male was shot and killed in Loganberry Street, Bonteheuwel, by an unknown suspect who is yet to be arrested. The matter is under investigation.”

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