A charge of assault against a Pelican Park High School teacher has been withdrawn after it was found the man was also injured in the fight he had had with a Grade 8 pupil.

Police confirmed the 45-year-old teacher has opened a case of assault against the 16-year-old boy, who was due to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court.

The case against the teacher was not brought before court and was struck off the roll due to a lack of evidence and because he had also sustained injuries.

The incident took place in the foyer of the high school just after noon last Friday.

The teacher suffered a concussion and is recovering at home.

The boy, who is facing a disciplinary hearing on Saturday at his school, has injuries to his arm, back and chest.

A window was also broken during the scuffle.

The child’s mother, 35, told the Daily Voice her son hit the teacher with his first after the onnie allegedly told him that he “was one of the boys we want to get off the school”.

She claimed her son was then kicked and flung against a window and that another teacher allegedly choked him.

The incident occurred as two teachers escorted the teen from the principal’s office, where he had gone to collect his cellphone.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms: “The case against the teacher was withdrawn at court on Wednesday.

Cader Tregonning says he is firm but fair with kids. Photo: Tracey Adams/ANA Pictures

“Grassy Park SAPS can confirm a case of assault was opened by a teacher at Pelican Park High against the learner. This case must still go to court.”

In an interview with the Daily Voice on Wednesday, Pelican Park High School principal Cader Tregonning said he was not able to comment on the pending cases.

The palie said everyone at the school was traumatised by the event and was recei- ving counselling.

He says he has always instilled positivity into his pupils.

“I am firm, but fair. I always tell my pupils if there is conflict, to walk away,” he says.

“The youth lack conflict resolution skills and we have asked for a group of parents to look for a service provider for there to be a solution for conflict resolution.

“I am traumatised by what has happened and so is everyone here.

“Our aim is to uplift our staff and our pupils and it is a known fact here that I have an open door policy.

“A school should be a beacon of hope. We are going to be strict, but that doesn’t mean we do not love your child.”

The boy’s mother says she is shocked that the charge against the teacher was withdrawn without her knowledge and will be investigating why.

“I want to know why because I could have been called to the school rather than for them to abuse my child,” the angry mother says.

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