HOT PROPERTY: Aqeel Abrahams of Kewtown lives to play soccer
The Cape Flats is known for gangs, drugs and unemployment. But it’s also a hotbed of world-class young talent.

Like Aqeel Abrahams of Kewtown, Athlone, who has been chosen to take part in an international soccer tournament taking place in Sweden in July.

All Aqeel needs to make his dreams come true and play in the Gothia Soccer Tournament is R20 000.

The 14-year-old boy could kick a ball before he could walk and has been playing for Milano United FC Soccer Academy for the past three seasons.

The young striker’s favourite footballer is Philippe Coutinho, who plays for his favourite team, Barcelona.

The total amount required per player for this trip is R30 000, but the family has managed to raise R10 500 through fundraisers such as karaoke parties and raffles.

TALENT: Aqeel has been selected to play in tourney in Sweden

Rasheeqah Abrahams says she is very excited for her son, but they need more help to get him to Sweden.

“He’s played since he was small, mimicking his father who also still plays soccer. He joined a club when he was just three years old and I knew it was his first love,” she says.

“He is intelligent and driven. He works hard at school and does really well academically, but his passion is on the soccer field.

“He wants to play soccer, and I want to help my son become the best version of himself. I am already proud of him.”

They have a few more events planned, but are appealing to the communities to help him get there.

Aqeel is one of about 60 players from Milano United selected to participate.

“I am very excited about getting to show my talent on an international level. I know this is what I am meant to do with my life, but I need some help from anyone willing to assist me. I promise, I will do you all proud,” says the excited teen.

To assist Aqeel, contact his mother Rasheeqah on 072 244 4362.

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